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Colloquial German 93

Alltagsdeutsch 931. "Ist hier noch frei?" (Is this seat still free?) is a typical question to ask if you want to sit down next to someone in a crowded place.
2. "duzen" is an untranslateable German word. It means "to address someone using 'du'", that is, to address someone informally. The opposite of "duzen" is "Siezen", to address someone as 'Sie'.
3. "älter" means "older". This word is the Comparative form of "alt" meaning "old".

Der Eintritt ist frei/kostenlos. 
Admission is free/free of charge.

Ich habe heute frei. 
I have off (from work) today.

Musstest du lange warten? 
Did you have to wait a long time?

Wir sind beide Studenten; es ist komisch, wenn wir uns nicht duzen.
Both of us are students; it's strange if we don't speak informally to each other.

Wann soll ich anfangen die Ofen vorzuheizen? 
When shall I start to pre-heat the oven?

Viele Märchen fangen mit "Es war einmal…