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The imperative

Der Imperativ

In the imperative we have to conjugate verbs just with 3 personal pronouns: du, ihr and Sie
Forming imperative in German is easy however it is not as easy as it is in English. In German we take the stem of the verb and then add some ending according to the personal pronoun.

Rule / Regel:
Imperative of du = Stem of the verb + e (facultative)
Imperative of ihr = Stem of the verb + t
Imperative of Sie = Stem of the verb + en + Sie

Example / Beispiel:
du -> mach(e)!
ihr -> macht!
Sie -> machen Sie!

The verbs, of which stems end with: -el, er, -n and –ig, will take the (e) inevitably when conjugated with the pronoun (du).

Example / Beispiel:
lernen -> lerne! (inevitably)
             -> lernt!
             -> lernen Sie!

The irregular verbs with (e) must be changed when they are conjugated into the imperative to an (i) or (ie)

Example / Beispiel:
geben -> gib!
sehen -> sieh!

Exercise 01 / Übung 01:Conjugate into the imperative with (du)!
1-                       deine Übung! (machen)
2-                       mir Taschengeld! (geben)
3-                       die Blumen nicht! (vergessen)
4-                       langsamer! (fahren)
5-                       nett! (sein)

Exercise 02 / Übung 02: Translate the following sentences into German!
1- Give me your number! (du)
2- Don’t forget the dinner! (Sie)
3- Be calm! (ihr)
4- Go to the doctor today! (du)

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